And You...and You....and You...You're Gonna Slug Me

Eddie Murphy, who is not gay (but has a thing for trannie hookers) has been cast in the upcoming screen version of "Dreamgirls."

And while I know that tucking a flower behind your ear and wearing a leather bowtie has a shockingly cha-cha meets Chippendales ring to it, for the sake of lawsuit avoidance or a hearty bitch slap, we'll stop now.

Oh, what the hell....

"He put two $100 bills on my leg and said, 'Here's $200.'

He asked me if I did this for a living, being a transsexual prostitute.

I said yes.

Eddie said, 'Do you like to wear lingerie?'

I said yes.

He said, 'Can I see you in lingerie?'

I told him, 'Whenever I have the time.'

He said, 'I'll make the time.' Then he asked me, 'What type of sex do you like?'

I said I was into everything."

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