Big Boy Steel Erection

deliverance98.jpgWhile Greek civilization is well know for its contributions to art, literature and political discourse, when I think of Greece, I think of swarthy man-loving-man action.

I would imagine that many of you would be surprised to discover that Missouri bears a shocking resemblance to yesteryear’s Macedonia.

It’s much like the work of Sophocles, that is, if Sophocles had written Deliverance.

Let’s take a tour of the state of Missouri and discover some of its homo treasures.

Hazelwood, MO
Big Boy Steel Erection
Sadly, these contractors do not have a website. But with a name like that…do they really need one?

St. Louis
The Crack Team
Which makes a clearly arguable point, depending on what type of loving you're looking for.
Kansas City
For those of you flying solo....

FAG Automotive
As is generally the case, I'm not quite certain if something's going in or something's coming out.
It's like they say, "We Go All Out!"

As we all do....this is, after all, the Show Me State.


Jeffrey Ricker said...

As fro the Kum 'n' Go, my friend Tricia fondly referred to it as the "Ejaculate and Evacuate."

Anonymous said...

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