That's just my fancy way of saying hello and welcome as I greet the regular readers of the Nervous Breakdown to my first post as I take the reigns of this two-week stint as co-hostess.

I suppose a few introductions are in order. As mentioned Friday, I am a gay, I do enjoy hats and I have been know to take an airplane for a date. Those three factors explain the reason why I was chosen for this monumental task: I am slutty, vain and make expensive mistakes.

And isn’t that the type of behavior we all expect to be covered here on the NB?

I’ll be posting throughout the day, as I try to look busy at work. I may even do some posting from home in the evenings, or doing some research for the next day’s blogcast. I will warn you, though…I am no where nearly as prolific as your regular host.

But I will do my very best to divert your time from pressing matters of the day and will make no attempt, whatsoever, at being thoughtful, wise or sage.

I will encourage you, however, to send me any stories or items that involve scandalous behavior or Charlotte Rae. You take the good. You take the bad. You know the rest.


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