Small Wonder

charlotteswebpersia.jpgFor those of us who remember summertime as an opportunity read age-inappropriate books after watching 16 hours of television, tonight’s first episode of “100 Greatest Kid Stars” on VH1 is definitely TiVo-worthy. That is, if I had cable or a TiVo.

Nevertheless, I’d wager that most bloggers bear the vestigial mark of shame from never having really enjoyed kickball, swimming, biking or jumping rope like the happy children. But let’s not go down that road of regret.

After all, some children have it much, much worse.

Consider this poor child, who dreamt of learning about Mexico and tacos, but illustrated his dreams and ambitions with the Arc de Triomphe, a Medieval castle and a Saudi Prince on horseback.

Or the poor Persian child who read Charlotte’s Web and was befuddled by the pig eating at Christmas, the insolent daughter, and the unwed, knocked up spider.

But that’s verging on social commentary, which I’ve promised to avoid. Let’s just stick to watching the meteoric rise and humiliating fall of yesterday’s superstars and reading stories about inappropriate relationships with special little robot girls.

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