Lettuce Entertain You

lizberkleysm.jpgI'm so excited.....I'm so.....scared.

Yeah, that's the way I feel, too - anytime I'm snooping around some soap-dodging, raw-food-eating, just-this-side-of-hippie, free-loving website populated by virtually irrelevant superstars.

And it does get really scary when these superstars go from speed-addicted cheerleader to coke-addicted Showgirl to veggie-loving know-it-all:
A strict vegetarian her whole life, Elizabeth sent a note to every restaurant in the U.S.’s 10 fattest cities, urging them to do their part to help diners slim down by beefing up on vegetarian selections.
Too bad Jessie didn't have this dress for her music video and she wouldn't have needed all those pesky pills. Zack and/or Slater could have had something actually healthy to munch on.

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Anonymous said...

What, no picture of Ricardo the Brocolli boy?