Enhance your fancy dance pants!

Break out those footy franks and the Tia Maria, Leonardo aficionados! The funniest thing to come out of Australia since anything with "crocodile" in its name is back. That's right—all 0 Australian readers of this site have only one week from Sunday until the new series of Kath & Kim premieres at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 7 there. We did a little sleuthing and found Channel 7's official Kath & Kim website featuring a hi-larious sneak peek of the upcoming season. The ladies are foxier than ever, and we hope BBC America or the Sundance Channel brings the new eppies over the ocean pacifically to our living room(/bedroom/kitchen/hamper) asap. (Or maybe someone who's reading this can tell one of their Australian friends to make torrents of the new episodes so someone—not us—can download them.)

In the meantime, why not relive the magic by ordering the season 1 and 2 box set from HMV UK—they're offering it for only £7.99 with £4 overseas shipping (that's about $24 for four discs, including shipping!) What? You say you can't play region 2 DVDs. Pshaw! Unfortunately, for season 3 and Da Kath & Kim Code, you'll have to pay retail. But it's worth it, and you'll be our second-best friend if you do.


Anonymous said...

I know this doesn't have to do with what you wrote above but...


Just thought you'd like to know :)

SeeeTeee said...

No way Joe-Zay! I love this show. It ended with Kylie Minogue playing Kim's daughter in a flash-forward. It was adorable. I can't wait to download, er um...watch this show when it airs here legally.