Aboot time.

The N has been so spotty with Degrassi's schedule in the past year that we kind of forget to check when new episodes air. The N also runs old episodes of Degrassi approximately 384 times a night, which makes it very difficult for us to spend our very valuable time trying to figure out if an episode is new or not. The point is, there have been new Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes in 2007. The first two featured the return of our fave Degrassi guy, Craig Manning, and a little problem he's dealing with. More importantly, the third episode of 2007 featured the shocking death of a character who's been on the show since the beginning. We must admit, we got a bit choked up at the end of said episode as the unhappy news was revealed to the rest of the characters.

The episode is available for viewing at The N's Web site, but please be warned, you may find out who dies before it actually happens, as The N has plastered spoilers all over the site. If you want to record it from The N itself, the episode is called "Rock This Town." Enjoy! Well, enjoy.

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