Is this a normal day at Norma's house?

After last night's American Idol debacle (seriously—we turned it off after Sunspots), we had to check out one of our favorite Idol-related blogs, Vote for the Worst. Vote for the Worst is entertaining enough, but it then linked us to this woman's videos on YouTube. We have since assembled an ad-hoc committee to attempt to figure out if the videos are legitimate or not, and we're not having an easy time of it. However, we figure any old broad who's willing to make her Shirley Temple doll dance while she sings about being a douche bag is totes worth our time.



Anonymous said...

Norma Lee is totally "for real"! She is a crazy woman who thinks a major artist will record one of her songs someday! She's nuts! She is so happy that you blogged about her that she posted it on our messageboard to come check out! She doesn't even understand that the reason VFTW likes her is because she is sooooooooo bad!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Clearly, that clip was directed by Richard Foreman. It explains the dolls.

Anonymous said...

thank you for watching my videos


Anonymous said...

Norma Lee is for real! Scary isn' it???

We have a message boardpartially dedicated to Norma Lee. She is there 24/7, Please feel free to come by and post.


Bored Administrator of The Hell Train

Anonymous said...

faith can move mountains. The main thing we all want in life is peace in our hearts. I have found that since I saw Jesus in 2000.

the name of my song is " I Am Not an Old Doosh Bag" Making the message clear in this song to always treat others right cause it does come home to you someday.
Norma Lee