Desperately senior soothin'.

OK. How about two video clips today? It's just that we've lost so much water weight in the past three days that we're very weak. Verrrrrrrry weak.

The link below is to a trailer/featurette of a film called The Boynton Beach Club by Susan Seidelman, the woman responsible for Desperately Seeking Susan. We post it here because there are two types of gays—the ones who enjoy being entertained by people like Kylie, Xtina and the occasional Duff, and there are the ones who enjoy being entertained by ladies of an...older generation. We're most assuredly of the latter ilk. As this film features Dyan Cannon, Brenda Vaccaro, Sally Kellerman and RenĂ©e Taylor, we are utterly delighted to share this trailer of what looks to be an AARP version of Porky's set in a town just north of where we grew up. So, yes, there's a bit of sentimental value, too, but, honestly, you haven't seen anything until you've seen Dyan Cannon talking about making out in a Mustang as Cher's "Believe" plays in the background.


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Jen said...

Eek. A movie set in Boynton?!?