A helluva quiz.

Here's Time Out New York's "Essential NYC Quiz," an enormous seven-page exam whose results will tell you how much of a true New Yorker you are. We got through page two, but, upon tallying our score up to that point, it was made clear that the fill-in-the-blank section on page two was mandatory, unlike the hipster multiple choice section on page one. And trying to reload the page in order to fix our error was impossible. Kudos to you, then, Time Out, for making your quiz as hard to understand as any sign in New York City. Your quiz is a true New Yorker.

However, upon figuring out that we accidentally skipped a mandatory part of the quiz, we threw our computer out the window, hocked a loogie on the ground and told a baby to go fuck herself. Now who's the true New Yorker, Time Out? Now who's the true New Yorker?

Fuckin' loser quiz.


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