Charlie Victor Romeo.

Hi. We're back. But we're pretty much useless. Yes, even more useless than usual. Imagine that. So, we may take some time to, you know, regroup. Plus, August has always been a slow month, so there's not much to roll our sean puffy eyes at. Wait till September. Last year we had Katrina. We can't wait to see what Earth has in store for us this year!

We will, however, not end this without being our usual helpful selves. Let us just say this: in eight years of living in NYC, we were in no way prepared for or expecting the horror of what we experienced on Saturday afternoon. No, we didn't take a bus to the airport from Port Authority for the first time or have to sit next to a 600-pound person on the plane. We've had those experiences before, and, while humiliating and terrifying, they have nothing on what we were introduced to a mere four days ago...

The Delta Airlines terminal at JFK.


We couldn't possibly explain to you in detail the horror contained in the above building. Honestly. Basically we can tell you if you ever wanted to experience a third-world airport without going to a third-world country, Delta's got you covered. Our advice? Never, ever, ever book a flight out of this terminal, even if it's the cheapest flight you can find. Trust us. We certainly have no plans to ever set foot inside again, and we'd hate to see you unwittingly enter this black hole of doom. K?


We love you. We hope to return to a state of semi-normality soon.


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Tom said...

But that photo give you a glimpse of the "air terminal of the FUTURE". It's so tomorrowland that you can't help but imagine the glamour of hopping on a prop jet with a complete set of matching Samsonite and smoking through an entire pack of Luckies between here and Cleveland.

It's beautiful.