Loved his popcorn.

According to imdb, at 12:02 pm EST, Jerry Orbach is still alive.

2:36 pm. Still alive.

4:10 pm. Still alive.

5:19 pm. Still alive. In other imdb news, what is this??? The description doesn't quite live up to the wonderful title, though it is, in its own way, marvelous. Could we please get this on Trio asap?

10:19 am 12/30/04. Still alive. Jesus, surely he's dead by now.

11:16 am. DEAD! He's going to get to be on the Oscar, Emmy and Tony death montages. Nice work. R.I.P. Billy Flynn.

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Optimus said...

ask any canadian -- i'm certain they'll remember. it was on constantly when i was a kid.