Hit it, Mohandas!

The Metropolitan Opera will stage Philip Glass' Satyagraha in its 2007–2008 season. This is important because a.) Satyagraha is part of Glass' first operatic trilogy, written when he was composing music he cared deeply about, b.) it's a co-production with the English National Opera, for our money one of the most artistically adventurous opera companies in existence and c.) it's a good sign for a major production of Akhnaten, our favorite of Glass' works. If you've never heard either of the aforementioned operas or Einstein on the Beach, shut off that Dreamgirls soundtrack and get to work. Beyoncé can wait. She may look 40, but she's only 25.

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Anonymous said...

Philip Glass totally scooted by me in BAM's lobby when I saw the Pina Bausch piece.