Visions of plums, sugar!

Dudes, we still feel crappy. But, really, your time spent not at this site should afford you precious additional seconds of holiday shopping time. See? We're always thinking of you. Speaking of which, we'll take most anything from this page. Thanx!

Oh, and if you see Whelchel, tell her to get her lazy born-again ass to work. There's only so much Thanksgiving at Mammoth Mountain that we can take.

Oh oh! And hearty congratulations to Caridee. Well, you know. Congratulations for "winning" America's Next Top Model. Though we probably should offer heartier congratulations to Melrose and that other girl for not winning. Well, actually, we should probably offer heartiest congratulations to the twins for not making it to the final episode. One seems to have the best chance of becoming somewhat semi-famous by being eliminated just before the final episode. So, congratulations, Jaeda!

Oh oh oh! This just in! Here's what we really want for the holidays (too hot for work!)!

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