Cancer is so yesterday.

Sorry. The holidays make us very busy. Mostly because of all the gifts we have to add to the appropriate lists. Gifts for us, we mean.

Speaking of holidays, we just had to drop in to wish you a very...


Hey, AIDS, don't fret that you only have a day. You have to pretty much be a sex or race to get a month. You can't even really be a planet and get much more than a day. It's OK. Maybe if you stick around for another 30 years (fingers crossed!), you'll get a week! Come to think of it, to help out on this momentous day devoted to a deadly disease that probably would have only merited a measly hour or two if condoms were available in places like, say, schools and bus stations, we expect all our readers to spread the joy of AIDS to each other and to everyone all over the world. Give a teacher AIDS. Give a loved one AIDS. Give your mom AIDS. Let's make this disease important enough to get it the occasion it deserves! And, maybe, if we all work quickly enough, we can bypass the week and go straight to National AIDS Month. Or even International AIDS Year. The possibilities are endless, really! So, get on it (pun most assuredly intended)!

While you're doing that, we'll be shopping with Bono for AIDS clothes at the GAP. Hey, it may only warrant a day right now, but at least it's CHIC, CHIC, CHIC!


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