Number two.

Once again, we missed this blog's birthday. For some reason we think it's December 16, but it's really December 9. Silly us! Anyway, The NB is two years old as of this past weekend. And, if we may say so, it doesn't seem a day over 87. We're sure you'll agree.

Rather than write some sentimental claptrap about how much this means to us, we'll just wish ourselves a happy birthday and urge you not to click here to read the latest Coffee Talk Companion. It's our birthday gift to you.


Ian said...

congratulations, hom(e)(o)boy. i knew you'd make it. and speaking of number two, shameless self-promotion looks like this:

crooked highway


hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

A happy belated birthday! I am a bit behind on my reading -- and am really quite ashamed of myself.