Basically a reason to post photos of Jamie Bamber.

Some end-of-day spoilage for you courtesy of Ain't It Cool News:

1.) Here's the flashback schedule for the first six episodes of Lost. You know, the ones before the 3.5-month hiatus. Oh, heck, in case you're one of those people who doesn't want to know but can't help looking, we'll make each one a Jumble®. Fun!

10/4: Jack Shepherd (you knew that one already unless you're the opposite of light speed)
10/11: Uns & Ijn Wonk
10/18: Hojn Eockl
10/25: Esmaj Dorf
11/1: Rm. Keo
11/8: Take Nutsea

(Here's the article for the answers, should you, god forbid, need them.)

2.) And, if you just can't wait for tomorrow night for that two-hour Battlestar Galactica premiere, here's how to access the first 12 minutes:

Oh.) and Kidnapped's offically been, well, napped, kid.

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