Staff infection.

Our new most favorite site right now is that of The Block, a hotel in Lake Tahoe for snowboarders, by snowboarders. Or something like that. Hotel Chatter turned us on to it, and now we're totally enjoying the profiles of the hotel's staff members. That's right. The hotel's staff has each posted a profile on the site's "Staff" page. For when you're really drunk on hot toddys and trolling the halls at 4 a.m. for someone, anyone, to hook up with.

Like, for instance, front desk agent Gilbert Perez...

...who likes money, Beeatches, 40's, hus'lin but dislikes Skantless Ho's, Stuck up bitches, people who don't ride on motherfucker's and Ho's who talk too much.

Or, perhaps, Tyler Roberts, lead front desk agent.

The only things that will wake him up at 4 a.m. are "a warm body next to me and...snowboarding." You'll have to try extra hard for him.

Or, maybe you're feeling a little spicy and would like to meet housekeeper Carlos Torres.

He gustas escuchar musica y ver videos musicales acompanado por amigos y ron Bacardi solera but does not gusta creo que no tengo porque el que se enoja pierde.

Really, any way you look at it, bring your own sheets.

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