Our friend Bart (who wrote about Lance Armstrong in this month's Details and Matthew McConaughey a few months ago—just saying) reminds us today to whip out your little best friend and wish him a happy birthday.


Happy 5th birthday, iPod! You've really made it worth all the time spent illegally downloading free music.

Here are our birthday wishes for you, for us:

1.) Please eventually work longer than 4 hours.

2.) Please eventually work.

Don't worry. We'll keep buying you, but we're just, you know, wishing.

In honor of the iPod's 5th birthday, here's a way to record with your iPod using nothing but the iPod and the earbuds. Yes, it's true. We've done it many times, and it does, in fact, work.

Finally, kudos to you, Apple, for finally making AIDS cool to get. If that's not a five-year milestone, really, what is?

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