Foxy fire.

People in NYC, do us a favor. Go here, figure out how many tickets you would like for tonight's show at Town Hall and buy them. We attended last night's show and would be returning tonight if we could. And it didn't even matter that the sound mix was shitty and that, as usual, the New York audience acted like assholes throughout. It was that good. And, we might add, there was a costume change, which Dolly Parton, both times we saw her in the past year, didn't bother to do. Real singing, real playing, real choreography, hot girls onstage and a peppering of hot guys in the audience. And sequins. GO.

Oh, and here's Jenny Lewis's IMDb page. Before Rilo Kiley and this gig, she was an actress with an extensive resumé, and, yes, she did appear in Firefox (see below, far left) and Troop Beverly Hills and on one episode of the Golden Girls, which, obviously, makes her today's our most favorite person ever.

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