The little dog laughed.

Three posts in June?!?!? It's true! This one we're a little late with, but we think you'll find it was worth the wait. In case you missed the travesty (both clothes-wise and everything else) that was the 61st annual Tony Awards (and chances are if you're human, you did), here's your 6.5-minute makeup session. When you're done, come join us at the Olive Garden; we'll be sitting with Donna Murphy's people.


Spelled out.

Please join us, 3,285 Bunsen burners and one tablecloth that was pulled off the table without upsetting any of the dishes or silverware, for a moment of silence.



It's more than you plus me plus infinity.

We now proudly give to you three-and-a-half minutes of NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration that takes the two hours of Dreamgirls, puts it in a half-nelson and doesn't just choke it, but rips its head off.

No. Seriously.