So, as you may know, David Foster Wallace committed suicide this past weekend. We're not going to try to eulogize him, one of our favorite writers ever, with memories or stories or anecdotes or criticisms or frustrations. Others have done it better than we could. We'll say one thing: If you haven't read Infinite Jest, do not. It is a life-changing book, and if anyone ever told us to read something because it was life-changing, we wouldn't. We're saving you the trouble.

Also, this week McSweeney's is posting DFW-related contributions by whomever is inclined to submit. They're all worth your time. Below is our favorite excerpt, from an account sent in by a woman who had DFW as a writing instructor way back in 1987, when he was 25:

I used to confuse "further" and "farther," and, apparently, I did it quite often. In one of my stories, I'd confused them yet again, and in the margins, he'd written, simply, "I hate you." I've never confused them since.


Jason & Ben ticket update, y'all.

Tickets are going like hotcakes for our little musical! And we're not just saying that. There's proof.

If you'd like to see it (and you would like to see it because two hot guys make out in it, and also because The Large Hadron Collider didn't kill us), buy yo tix now! There are only, like, three left for the first show, and the rest are either sold out or quickly selling out. And there's no intermission, so you can't sneak in for act two and then tell us how much you loved it. Sah-ree.

Jason & Ben schedule and tickets:
Wednesday, Sep 24 at 8 p.m. SOLD OUT
Friday, Sep 26 at 8 p.m. SOUL-PATROLLED OUT
Saturday, Sep 27 at 8 p.m. SISTAH-SOULJAHED OUT


Jason & Ben


This blog seemed to be dead. But it's not. Today.

Thing is, we've been writing a musical, so cut us some slack. Said musical, Jason & Ben, will have its first performance as part of the 2008 New York Musical Theatre Festival on September 24, 2008. It stars two cute boys doing gay things. You should come.

To buy tickets, hear songs, look at the cute boys, admire the well-designed website (third party, of course), click here.

There are six performances only at the 45th Street Theatre in Manhattan, and tickets are going like hotcakes. (Gays love theater.) Meaning, buy your tickets now, or get left out on a park bench in the cold. Like in the pic below. Which ties into the whole musical. Which we wrote.

Come see.


Heeb-ie jeebies!

If anyone still comes around here, we just want to let you know that we will be doing a reprise of 2006's hit reading/slideshow at Joe's Pub this Sunday, February 10, at 7 p.m. as part of Heeb magazine's Storytelling series. Tickets are a mere $15, and the show will not only be hosted by the adorable Kristen Schaal of Flight of the Conchords, but will also feature a story by the unsexiest man alive, Gilbert Gottfried.

To sum up: For $15, you get the chick from Flight of the Conchords, the voice of Iago and us showing embarrassing slides. AND six other Jewy storytellers. If that's not the bargain of the year, well, you don't know bargains from nothing.

Hope to see Jew there.


Swit, swine and Sondheim.

Sometimes two of our favorite things team up to produce mind-blowing results: chocolate + peanut butter, Google + maps, Steve + Eydie.

Sometimes three do.


Mitts off my Romneys!

We've been having a hard time deciding whether to support Obama or Clinton in the primaries that we're not allowed to vote in because we're registered as independent. Thankfully, a certain MySpace profile has helped us make a decision: On Super Tuesday we will unquestionably not be voting for... Mitt Romney. Why?


Hello, boys!

VERY nice work, Mitt! (Well, except for Ben, the red-shirt one. But when you're playing with Mormon DNA, something like that is bound to happen.) We'll take one Josh and Matt sandwich with a schmear of Tagg (hold the Ben) and a side order of Craig. Sorry, Barack and Hill, but while your ideals are much closer to ours than Romney's, his ideal boys are closer to our lustful heart. And since, no matter who wins in November, we're beyond fucked thanks to eight long years of whatever just happened, we'd like to watch the giant mercury-filled tidal wave wash over what used to be Planned Parenthood whilst in the sultry throes of passion.

Nervous Breakdown is proud to endorse Mitt Romney for president.


Lil Cake.

Best thing ever of '08, thus far. (A related pic would ruin it, so, instead, enjoy this photo of a collectible Brussels Griffon plate.)