Your own kind of music.

One day you may wake up and suddenly realize how much entertainment we, the NB, have given to you, free of charge. When that day comes, and we hope it's soon, please consider buying us anything found at miniorgan.com. No, the items are not for sale there, but we're pretty sure that if you've managed to find our site, you can probably locate anything.

Some suggestions, should you need:

The Bee Gees Rhythm Machine:

The Shaun Cassidy Electronic Organ (hello!):

Mattel's Magical Musical Thing:

But, really, anything will do. Except the Casio VL-1. We have that. But thanks anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my good Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of all that is good and pious like Lisa Whelchel, PLEASE BRING ME A BEE GEES RHYTHM MACHINE because my sister Ellen got one and I never did. I've been a good boy all year and Anno Domini. Love, Roger