Jason & Ben


This blog seemed to be dead. But it's not. Today.

Thing is, we've been writing a musical, so cut us some slack. Said musical, Jason & Ben, will have its first performance as part of the 2008 New York Musical Theatre Festival on September 24, 2008. It stars two cute boys doing gay things. You should come.

To buy tickets, hear songs, look at the cute boys, admire the well-designed website (third party, of course), click here.

There are six performances only at the 45th Street Theatre in Manhattan, and tickets are going like hotcakes. (Gays love theater.) Meaning, buy your tickets now, or get left out on a park bench in the cold. Like in the pic below. Which ties into the whole musical. Which we wrote.

Come see.


LeftCoastGuy184 said...

I have always enjoyed your blog and missed you when you suddenly stopped posting in February. I cut you some slack, though, when I saw that you were writing a show for off-Broadway. Cool! I got tix two days ago for Jason & Ben and the Fancy Boys Follies, both on October 5 and conveniently both at the same theatre. You're right, I love my musical theatre! Whatta deal...only $20 a ticket! Best of luck to you and break a leg with this amazing opportunity!

anne lynn said...

i totally thought "writing a musical" was your euphemism for not posting for so long.

i am pleasantly surprised to see you weren't being figurative.

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