Down, down.

SURPRISE! Yes, it's true. Like Aimee Mann, we're not supposed to be here 'til Tuesday. However, two things.

1) If you've ever wondered why no one watches the Tony Awards, and we're sure you haven't, you need have only watched last night's supreme crapfest to understand. We fast-forwarded through it half-drunk, and it still caused major convulsions. The group we suffered with did agree that the hat from The Light in the Piazza was robbed, and if you don't understand what that means, we're very, VERY jealous. And if anyone tries to tell us that Hugh Jackman's not gay, we now have the right to punch him/her in the genitals.

2) Longtime enthusiast Nato sent us this link, which we really feel equals a day's worth of posts. Nothing we could write could possibly build on what's already there, so we'll simply say, See you tomorrow!

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