A retour.

Hola, bonjour, hello. We are back. We were in Paris, Warsaw, New Jersey and New York today (New Jersey's still easily the worst). We are jetlagged. We have to get up at 9am. Please be gentle with us tomorrow and this week. We promise to do our best with our possibly limited resources. You can look forward to some highlights of our trip, in both word and picture form. We do not strive to make the NB self-congratulatory, so we promise not to talk about anything positive or charming that we may have experienced whilst away. As usual, we will stick to the humiliating, aggravating, and, of course, mediocre bits and bobs. And pictures. Pictures, pictures, pictures. We hope. If we have time. We're tired. You get it.

Alas, a big, hearty thank you to Ian and Rob Thurman who kept the site alive during Team NB's absence. Reading through what they've written, we could not be happier with their commitment to keeping the NB totally, completely mediocre. We salute them, and we hope you do, too. We did bring them gifts. Though we may have drunk them on the way home. It's so hard to remember. Because, as the drunk once said to the armchair...

Guh naht.

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Yay! Yay!

Welcome Back!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!