Vacation, had to get away.

Dear readers, your faithful NB editor and his Havaianas are going on vacation until June 29.

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Because none of our interns speaks English (except for one and it's a kind of unruly pidgin English) you will be in the hands of two extremely able editors. Please meet them:

Ian—the basically-not-gay one—is an assistant editor of Details magazine for which he has written stories about army recruiting, lawyers in Las Vegas and Mercedes (the car, not the Top Model®, though he has been known to enjoy the ANTM). Ian's tenure here marks the first NB appearance of an actual, employed writer. He likes candy and things in packages with Japanese writing.

Rob—the gay one—is the creator and editor of recent Gawker-featured-site robthurman.com, a blog detailing his experiences in Arch-ful St. Louis. He is a contributor to Pop Culture Junkies and has been known to get on planes for dates. He likes hats.

They will be posting on the same weekly schedule as always through June 28. The NB is honored and thrilled, THRILLED, to have them filling in. Please enjoy their good work.

The NB will revert to its usual aptness circa June 29.

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