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OK, we know we're inundating you with posts today, but look at it as a nice Friday gift. From us to you.

Anyhoot, we just couldn't let this one go unnoticed. It's another random forum post (don't worry, as with everything, the novelty will soon wear off on us) wherein some girl uploaded a picture of herself from Christmas for no reason. Here's the pic...

She didn't ask for opinions, didn't give any reason, didn't do nothing. She just uploaded the pic. Now, because people are hilarious, here's a resulting post...

why are you crossing your eyes?

To which, we get...

holy crap that was rude. Have you EVER heard of a lazy eye? I HATE when people say that because I myself have a lazy eye and you cannot control it, when I was younger I got 'are you crosseyed' all the time! That was uncalled for!

We have two things to say, in between the gales of laughter we're presently experiencing:

1)If you post a picture of yourself online, and you have a lazy eye, and no one asked you to post a picture of yourself online, you are going to be mocked. The original poster has not yet responded, so we're just saying this to the others who saw fit to defend the original poster.

2)It's nice to hear someone with a lazy eye admit to it. But please, if you post again, just tell us which eye is looking at us. We're dying to know. Thanks.

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