Quotent quotables.

You've seen the pictures, now enjoy some of the best quotes from our 2005 Tour de France (and Spain):

"No possible."
–The taxi driver at the Barcelona airport upon hearing the address we were going to

"Why did you call? I told you I would do it later. When you saw me in here you should have known I was doing it."
–Sorina, our Seabourn cruise line stewardess upon finding me calling to make sure our twin beds were turned into a queen-sized bed, as requested via fax

"I bring water every day. You don't need to call me."
–Sorina, our $7,000,000,000,000-per-person-cruise-line stewardess telling us not to call her to bring a bottle of water to the room, which she had failed to do

"The chef is...uh...doing very well."
–Anthony, the petite French waiter, finishing his explanation of why dinner was delayed

"Is that a glass from the room? You'd better keep it. The stewardess would kill me."
–The room service waiter, upon picking up our dinner tray from our room

–An Eastern-European woman upon being asked to sing back a line from the James Taylor song during the audience participation segments of one of the onboard shows

"Are you the two gentlemen who I invited to my table and didn't show up?"
–The onboard lounge musician greeting us for the first time toward the end of the cruise. (We were not, by the way.)

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Welcome back, Matt Cohen. You were missed.