Read it and laugh.

We'd just like to let you know that today we received the 75¢ copy of Is There No Place on Earth for Me?, the book Amy Sedaris credits as being a huge inspiration for Jerri Blank. We'll keep you posted on our progress (if we happen to make it past page 16, which is usually not the case with a book) and share some highlights. The book itself chronicles reporter Susan Sheehan's experiences with schizophrenic "Sylvia Frumkin." We're hoping the fact that Sheehan chose "Sylvia Frumkin" as the woman's pseudonymn is a sign of things to come. Already on the first page, we get this:

"A few days earlier, [Sylvia] had had her hair cut and shaped in a bowl style, which she found especially becoming..."

Good times!

Tomorrow, we'll have a Coffee Talk Companion ready for you. Until then, ciao, dudes.

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