There's got to be a morning after.

Happy July 5th, everyone. We're back from the City of Brotherly Love and have some local catching up to do, if you know what we mean. (If you do know what we mean, tell us, because we don't.)

If you'd like to enjoy the concert we enjoyed in Philadelphia, go here. And if you have the chance to see Jose Gonzalez live, by all means, do it!

And, yes, we know there's a new Coffee Talk, but we have had 0 time to comment what with all the fireworks and cheesesteaks. So, we may yet comment, or we may not. Depends how we feel, OK??? Sheesh.

OH, and Dlisted is stealing from us. Well, not giving us props when taking material from us that we've taken from someplace else. Which is fine, as we don't read DListed because if a site is going to take that long to load, we'd like it to actually be funny. Oh, snapz!

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