Measure of an ambassador.

We think it's nifty when people help other people. We also are obsessed with Clay Aiken. So, when Clay Aiken helps people, we go bananas. According to this article, Clay recently visited children in areas affected by the Tsunami®. But, imagine our shock when we got to this sentence, "The 26-year-old "Invisible" singer, who became a UNICEF ambassador late last year..." Wha? Clay Aiken is a UNICEF ambassador? Well, we did minimal research and visited the UNICEF site. America, not only are you being internationally represented by the likes of a Mr. Clay Aiken, but your tremendous goodwill is being spread by such luminaries as Shakira, Alyssa Milano, Téa Leoni, Ricky Martin and Mia Farrow. Obviously, we just put in our application because we're dying to go to Italy and we're nearly as famous as Alyssa Milano.

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Anyway, here's something ten times better than any of that: Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken. (We just applied for that, too.)

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