A short ride in a fast machine.

Because we were born and raised in Florida (there's nothing you can do now—but your sympathy is noted), and because most any child reared in Florida is taken to Disney World at least once a year, we have always had a special place in our heart for shiny theme parks. However, because we're older, and we realize that Main Street U.S.A. was only an idyllic place created by a racist lunatic, we're now more attracted to the seedy, scary underside of said theme parks. And they do exist. If you don't believe that, the terrorists have won.

Anyway, via Theme Park Insider, here's its peerless accident list, a compilation of all the reported travesties, some fatal, from your favorite theme parks! And, just think, if this is what is reported, imagine what's being kept from us. Uh-huh. You'll think twice about riding the Carousel of Progress next time, won't you?

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