Writer's block party.

Whilst searching for information on the dead kind of plots, we came upon this. It's Hatch's Plot Bank, a place for writers who don't to go for plot ideas. There are oodles of 'em, including these fantastic seeds just waiting to be watered:

#150: new baby has some strange arm movements
#228: nephew is arrested for selling unlicensed T-shirts
#413: cousin dumps engineering scholarship for clown college

#542: he's taking this Forrest Gump thing too far

#607: petting zoo consists of grumpy goat and 3 scrawny chickens
#633: gifts of crystal are compared - feelings hurt

#866: decides to built miniature Graceland in front yard

and, our favorite:

#2361: grandpa is sure the neighbors are cyborgs

Obviously we didn't read #867–2360, but we don't have time. We have to come up with names for the neighbots.

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