Web of pain.

CNN is reporting that the creators of "The Blair Witch Project" have a new film project that's a Web-only release. Oh, how we laughed at how the mighty have fallen. We laughed until we read that Katherine Helmond (Mona from "Who's the Boss," though we like to think of her most fondly as either Jessica Tate from "Soap" or Ida Lowry from Brazil) plays one of the characters. Then, we became terribly excited. We clicked on the link that took us to the film and found this:

Webisode one of THE STRAND is now available!

The sheer pain the word "webisode" inflicted on our eyes made us instantly regret the day we ever decided to visit this Web site. We're back to laughing, neigh, crying. If the film is any good, let us know. We can't even begin to think about watching a "webisode" of it.

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