Nick Vergos: impatient millionnaire.

Please enjoy this letter we just sent to one of the assholes we were fortunate enough to vacation with. He co-owns this place in Memphis. We don't recommend it.

Dear Nick Vergos--

I would just like to thank you for bypassing the taxi line upon disembarkation of the Seabourn Legend in Monaco on June 26, 2005. We were all waiting patiently for a taxi, when you and your wife strolled up and took the first available one so you could get to your hotel in Monaco before everyone else. Your wife made some lame excuse about the hotel being neaby and that the taxi would return shortly, which it, of course, did not. Never mind that we had to catch a train in Nice—we were more than relieved to know that you and your wife (who enjoys namedropping, by the way—something extremely declassé) made it rapidly to your hotel. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Monaco and that you did not have to wait in a pesky line for any subsequent taxi on your vacation.

Thank you, Nick, for illustrating that, once again, the amount of money one has is completely unrelated to the amount of class one has.

Yours truly,
[name redacted]

P.S. I will not be eating at the Rendezvous when I am in Memphis. Your wife, believe it or not, did not recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Why would you use the internet to post such a trivial complaint? I've been more pissed off by drivers on country roads. You're missing a treat by not going to the restaurant. You remind me of one of those kids who "takes their marbles and goes home." Speaking of name dropping.....isn't that what your whole article is about????????????????

Anonymous said...

It's sad that when I do a google search for the Vergos brothers your whiny blog pops up. Nick Vergos and family are a very generous, warm family that welcome you to their restaurant as if you were family. They give generously to charity and bring good things and a good name to Memphis. There is a chance that the couple did not intentionally "break line" and you misunderstood. Hopefully you'll take more time to relax than complain on your next vacation.

anonymous said...

LEAVE THIS FAMILY ALONE!!!! YOu really need to go and get a life!!! It is really sad that every time I would like to look up NIck Vergos this is the first thing that shows up. Please just delete this!!!!!! You need to get over the fact that for once the world didn't go as planned! It can't always go your way you know! Whoop dee doo! You wasted like an hour in MONACO!!! YOU KNOW LIKE NOT EVEN 3/4 OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD CAN'T EVEN GO THERE!!!! JUST RELAX!!!!! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Chappell said...

I sent an email to Hogsfly.com, asking if I could buy one 2lb container of chopped bbq instead of the 4lb package they had for online ordering. My husband and I were wiped out by Alzheimer's in the family and I can't afford to order $99 worth of bbq. I explained my situation and that I'd moved from Memphis in 2002 and hadn't had any decent bbq since. I get an email from a "Nick" asking for my address. Today, the Fed Ex guy pulls up and hands us a box containing 2 slabs of ribs, beans, slaw, a bottle of bbq sauce and a bottle of the Rendevous Dry Rub!!!
Only when I looked at the packing slip did I find that it was Nick Vergos who shipped me all that incredible bbq FOR FREE!!!! You don't know enough about Nick Vergos to have made ANY comment at all. You can take your mealy mouth whiny attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny story! I heard about this! Nick is okay. He's just an idiot led around by the nose. The second wife, on the other hand, is a total disaster. Social climber and from the wrong side of the tracks and it shows. His first wife was not only much more attractive but had way more class and everyone else knows it. Everyone liked her beter, including the kids!