Please enjoy the 30 Hour Famine, a program organized to provide food to those in the world without. Nice, right? Ah, but how does it work? You just get a group of students together, force them not to eat for 30 hours and, during that time, make them cook meals for others. If you're now thinking only one man could be responsible for such an asinine idea, you're right. Buried within the Web site is this statement:

The 30 Hour Famine puts hands and feet to your desire to help students live a life of Christian compassion.

Of course. Because feeding others should be exclusionary. And before you begin sending us nasty e-mail (which we actually don't mind at all), we hate all religions equally, thank you. One might say that's our religion. We do have to hand it to them, though. The 30 hour famine trumps Yom Kippur by six hours. Good work, Christianity. Your play, Judiasm.

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