Fine. We've had it up to here with having to have it up to here unassisted. May Day is, after all, International Workers' Day. Not International Worker Day (the worker being us, obviously). You know what? Right now, we're declaring it "Day Without Native Americans," calling for all those born and bred in the U.S. to stop doing the work clearly meant for their immigrants and handing it over to what will be the only unclassifiable group, the Indians. Let's see how that goes. "Day Without Native Americans" will prove, once and for all, how valuable it is to have white people telling immigrants what to do and how important it is for those immigrants to build character and ability by completing those tasks. Watch what happens when this grand, majestic, beautiful country, on "Day Without Native Americans" is left to the only group absolutely unqualified to call it their own, the Indians. Just watch.


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