Nothing quite prepared us.

OK, we have tried for the past 30 minutes to approach this one in many different ways, none to our complete satisfaction. So, we're just going to give you the ingredients in the order we received them and let you attempt to try to put it together for yourself.

1. A link entitled "GROUND ZERO" found at the bottom of the menu on the left at the Preppygram Web site.
2. Preppygrams, a professional singing telegram company serving the New York Metro area since 1980.
3. 2. The Preppygram costume list, like SpongeBob or the Grim Reaper, should you order and send a Preppygram.

No, we're not even satisfied with this presentation of the above information, but we think once you experience it for yourself, you'll forget we even exist.

Good night.

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Anonymous said...

I love that the options end with: