Our sexy neighbors to the north.

Faithful reader and recent traveler Frank of omg blog helpfully points out that tonight is the premiere of Canada's Next Top Model and reminds us that we can probably get the episodes via Bittorrent, which, though we use Bittorrent ALL THE TIME for music (j/k, feds), would never have occurred to us. So, thanks, Frank. In a way.

Anyway, while the episodes are seemingly kind of important, if only because they're hosted by our favorite sultry Cylon, Tricia Helfer, what's more important (as also pointed out by Frank) is that each contestant is required to keep a blog. Let us repeat: each contestant is required to keep a blog. Meaning, right now, we are completely, totally, utterly, absolutely consumed by the post-hypothetical idea of Jade having to have kept a blog. Sure, it would have probably been nearly as lunaticky as her myspace page (which we've linked once before and cannot bear to link again), but it definitely would have been more on topic. Like, just imagine having had a sort of actor's commentary on the now legendary Cover Girl commercial. This whole blog thing just goes to show how much Canada has its shit together. Tyra, you need to work it out, girl. (Oh, and can you also include a man as a contestant in the next cycle? Thanx, doll.)

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