Pizza Chinese Hut.

Here's a glorious Web site that's been around forever and that we've just found (naturally) called Not Fooling Anybody, which chronicles storefronts that are, well, not fooling anybody. Seriously, this is brills, guys.


Anonymous said...

That is a great website. Here in St. Louis we have an Indian restaurant in a former Pizza Hut, which is called "Tandori Hut".

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of former Taco Bells on here, man. And that's reassuring and all - but I want to see some Starbucks go under and get reborn as sex shops. Like Stardicks. Or Starboobs.

Anonymous said...

i have to say i did laugh out loud recently when i saw a closed RHODES furniture that had reopened as SHODER furniture. they were too cheap to even buy a new sign.