Day Without Payoff.

Oh. Oh. The interns just walked in. From the bits of broken English we could glean, permission was granted for them to have a "New York Day" to thank them for their occasionally hard work. Which is apparently why they're all taking plastic Jamba Juice cups and ticket stubs for United 93 out of their Whole Foods tote bags. Well, anyway, we have to try to explain "Day Without Native Americans" to them so they understand why there are seven Chickasaw Cherokees and a fold-up blackjack table in here. That should be fun. Not.

Anyway, sorry about all the confusion today. Well, sorry about all the confusion caused by immigrants today. We were planning to have festive May Day activities for you, but that clearly went up in smoke. Oh, of course. Winding River takes offense to that. God damn it, is no one in this melting pot satisfied?

Shit. We're getting an Indian to get our Swiss intern, Hanneli, to make us fondue. Later.


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