Tell us something we don't know!

We just received this shocking comment (and on our November 2005 post about the Double Trouble twins, to boot!) and wanted to share:

Boy. You're really funny. And by that, I mean this is a pretty stupid blog.

Here's the thing, Anonymous. You can't just drop in here unannounced, read a few posts and instantly decide this blog is "pretty stupid." No, you have to have been around here for a week or two to really understand how stupid this blog is. It's more than "pretty stupid. This blog is hands-down completely fucking stupid. Any of our two regular readers will tell you that. But they'd be allowed to because they're loyal to us. They know the amount of stupidity that flows from this site on a usually daily basis. You? You're just an angry little girl with too much time on her hands. Sheesh. We bet your name is Madison or Jamie or Shandi and that you pretend to be anorexic but clearly you binge eat because everyone can see how not skinny you are. In fact, they'd probably say you're pretty fat. And they'd be able to say that because one can make such judgments based on appearance. But one cannot call someone or something "pretty stupid" without a thorough investigation. So, Hannah, we suggest you sit down, put your pint-sized self-inflicted razor-cut hand on your mouse and really research just how utterly stupid this blog is. Because we think you'll be "pretty surprised."


Anonymous said...

Madison should've read this one.

Anonymous said...

And being able to call this blog stupid is a privilege I do not take lightly.

Tom said...

I agree with Lori. And I'm proud to say I've been enjoying the stupidity for at least a year now.