Because we don't care about baby Shiloh or its parents, and everyone else is still drunk from the holiday, we're going to get a bit self-referential right now. Hope you don't mind.

Last October, as four of you are probably aware, we posted about two girls named Lynx and Lamb Gaede, also known as the Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement. After said post, we created a series of posts called "Just White, Just Right," for which we asked readers to email their personal experiences with the two little racist girls. The first "email" we "received" was from a "girl" named "Sarah Flannel." See, we just used all those quotes to illustrate that we made up these "Just White, Just Right" emails. Why would we need to point out such a seemingly obvious fact? Well, because apparently Web enthusiasts investigating the two little girls are occasionally directed to this site, and, specifically, to this first "Just Right, Just White" post. And they leave comments. Quite recently we received a comment that begins...

Yes, the grammar was totally apalling, but I don't think that the letter was fabricated - I know plenty of fourteen-year-olds who would write like that. They just get lazy when they're typing on the net, and they don't care to go back and correct stuff. Hell, even people my age do that too, sometimes, and they're meant to be finishing off high school. YAY, Bad Grammar Pride. Not.

So, yes, people believe that a 14-year-old named Sarah Flannel actually wrote to us to recount her Lynx and Lamb encounter. Which is why we're pointing this out to you. There are 22 other comments at this post for your enjoyment, and several more of them contemplating the veracity of young "Miss Flannel"'s "email" (when they're not arguing the nationality of the Internet, of course), sometimes with worse grammar than the terrible grammar we fabricated. It's all terribly amusing. And terribly sad. Though we are kind of proud that we proved at least a few people would a.) accept that anyone, no matter what age, would honestly spell "weird," "deirw" and b.) believe a person named An'gell actually exists.

Oh, and don't worry, none of these commentors ever reads another post on this site (clearly), so we're not jeopardizing any future possibilities.


Anonymous said...

That. Is. Amazing.

Unknown said...

Were all those anonymous comments for REAL? Because that's scary.

Anonymous said...

Nice try. The letter was real, you are a fake though.