Charles Stahler is today's NB hero. Well, as much of a hero as a vegetarian can be. He provides those who do not like to cook with ways to have 30 different vegetarian meals, one for each day of the month. Some of our favorite suggestions? That's easy.

1. Seek out groups that have potluck dinners and bring juice. Brilliant!
2. Organize your own potluck. Provide juice. Brilliant!
3. Number 6, which we have to reproduce in its entirety: Attend vegetarian and animal rights activities, and get invited to a friend's home for a vegetarian dinner. TOTALLY brilliant and, better, we now understand why anyone would attend such meetings.
4. The rest are basically take-out suggestions, like "Order non-meat dish from Chinese restaurant," "Order non-meat dish from Indonesian restaurant," etc.

And, obviously, these helpful suggestions can be applied to non-vegetarian diets. Why, we're right now organizing a "Filet Mignon, Macaroni and Cheese and Red Velvet Cake" potluck. We'll be providing ice. Just let us know where to bring it.

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