Edicion Cinco de Mayo: Giftas.

None of you has been writing in to ask us, NB, what could I possibly get the Mexican who has everything? We're happy to help. Just click on this link which will take you to FindAGift.com's 5 pages of links to Mexican-themed gifts...

What could be more lovely, and appropriately Mexican, than a Margarita Bouquet from 1-800-FLOWERS.com?

If your Mexican is on the wagon or just allergic to flowers, we're sure he'd love these perfectly PC Mutlicultural Friends Castanets from that old reliable stalwart of PC crap, Oriental Trading...

Or, perhaps your Mexican is sleeping rather than cleaning your house. Why not get him a bunch of these gorgeous Siesta Switchplates to passively remind him that, though he may have made it safely across the border, there's still work to do. Oh, who are we kidding? Just get him a vacuum and threaten him with a phone call to INS if he doesn't use it pronto. (It's pronounced "eee, enyay, essay," by the way. Ay.)

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