Chaka! Coda, page 183.

Chakawear is on the drawing board (stylish daywear, eveningwear, anywhere-wear for us zaftig chicks), with Cousin Dwayne working on development (based on his experience with Fubu clothing).

Also on the launchpad, Chakaroma (scented candles, natural oils, along with creams and other healthy body care) and who knows, I might even expand into a line of all-natural remedies. Simone, El, and the rest of the crew call me "Dr. Khan," because whenever they're a little under the weather, I'm at the ready with a "prescription" (usually my apple cider vinegar, honey, and garlic blend).

At long last, I'm reviving my Chakalates, which I'd launched in the 1990s but hadn't given the right energy. This time around, I want to do seriously better because, like Chakaroma, Chakalates proceeds are earmarked for my foundation. And I want my foundation to get a lot of proceeds!


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