Mamma mysteria!

Here are a few shots from David Lynch's upcoming film, The Inland Empire. The site at which the photos are found is in Italian, so we can't tell you anything about the pics as we took only one year of Italian in high school. We can safely say, however, that nobody wants a Coca-Cola.

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Tom said...

OK, so I had to look, because I enjoy the David Lynch films, but the Italian was getting me down. So I went to one of those web-page translators...

The new film of David Lynch, the most attended event of the festival, has been coldly received from the daily press. How to define INLAND TO FILL UP?
A puzzle, a matrioska, one scato it Chinese that contains other boxes Chinese them, a maze where never does not know who watches who or what? Perhaps they are necessary more than two visions (perhaps three, four) in order to perhaps untie itself in this absurd history that infinitely seems the extension of all the lynchiane sequences of the cinema of Lynch. A floodlight with a roar ignites the black one of the screen and illuminates words INLAND TO FILL UP. Then while a needle of a record player slides along furrows of a disc a voice speaks about radio novella the AXXON N, longest radio novella of the history. In a hotel two persons - their ace is cancelled digitally - undress themselves for a sexual encounter. One young woman cries in front of the tv while the series created from Lynch ago slides images of Rabbits (years for its situated one web) and of the film that we are seeing.
Laura Dern is a attrice that, directed from Jeremy Irons, is turning the remake of a cursed film, Between stars in a gray tomorrow. Its problem is that from a sure point in then she it sees himself stessa.E the things are complicated. It is not only a film in film INLAND TO FILL UP, is a continuous one to enter and to exit from a dream in order to enter in an incubus. And the words lack in order to describe it or to tell it. The surprise remains to have seen a film wrapped from continuous a threatening tension that is not never interrupted. A collective incubus to open eyes that has supplied us the knowledge who, stavolta, not are keys in order to decipher the mystery.

I think i was less confused reading the Italian.....