How it was meant to be.

A friend of a friend has declared today Natalie Merchant day, and, because of our great affinity for 10,000 Maniacs-era Natalie, we're all too happy to go along with it. To honor September 22, or, Natalie Merchant Day, here's the story of how Natalie Merchant met REM's Michael Stipe, according to each of them. Pay special attention to the part where Michael makes Natalie hold a paper bag for him for 45 minutes.

(Please be warned that clicking the link above will either fill you with an almost unbearable sense of nostalgia or an almost unbearable sense of wanting to laugh hysterically. For us it's the former, and we're not ashamed to say so, so suck it.)


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Ian said...

i hate that i don't know what was in that bag. but mostly i just hate 10,000 maniacs.