Lucille, she does as she pleases.

We've been a "Hairdresser" enthusiast for years now. Certainly if you've been with the NB in its early days (and haven't killed yourself), you have, too. Well, we were searching the YouTubes today, and we found Lucille Cataldo, authoress and singer of "Hairdresser," in her inital appearance on Stairway to Stardom. She sings "Arthur's Theme," and, while it's obviously and unfortunately not an original compostition, the Cataldo trademarks are ever present: the Staten Island alto, the hyper-emotive face and arms, and the beautiful clothing. It all adds up to a video too important to merit a random "Your video clip of the day" mention.


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Anonymous said...

I just watched the "Hairdresser" clip. Now, I've rubbed elbows with the Wooster Group, published a piece on Richard Foreman's work, and studied postmodernism...but I still can't make sense out of that. "A model don't drink beer from a bottle?" "Tease-a Louise?" What? Is this a semiotic breakdown?

Although, it would have been a fun new wave single by Lene Lovich or early, EARLY Blondie.